James Frederick Jensen Convicted in USA

James Frederick Jensen Convicted in USA

In 2005 James Frederick Jensen, born 05/16/1952, was charged for “THEFT BY SWINDLE” by the Sate of Minnesota. 


20/20 Vision.

Poetry, Prose, and Ponderings

On the day
That a conman fooled me
With a cheap trick,
My rose-tinted glasses cracked.
And suddenly a world that once seemed so bright
Was full of filth and decay.
The masks of kind strangers
Began to slip:
The woman with the beautiful children
Cheats on her loving, trusting husband
Whenever he’s away on business.
The man who treats his dog like royalty
Treats his wife like a stray mutt.
She’d be better off in the gutter,
Where his drunken fists cannot reach her.
The frail old lady with aching joints
And a walking frame
Is a kleptomaniac.
She’s stolen silver from her sister.
The daughter, laughing with her mother,
Best friends with her post-university,
Is completely unaware that her mother
Is sleeping
With her daughter’s fiancee.
And prior to having my trust abused,
I too was unaware.
But now,
I see everything.
And I hate it.

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Profile of the Sociopath

Profile of the Sociopath

A sociopath has superficial charm and lacks remorse. Beware of these people they are friendly at first and then destroy your world and move on to the next victim.

“It’s easier to…

“It’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Mark Twain.

San Pedro Businessman Arrested

San Pedro Businessman Arrested

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Wanted in Belize and USA


James Frederick Jensen

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